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Timeline News

Timeline News Wide Shot -
The "Timeline News" set is designed specifically as a news set. In addition to the anchor positions behind the desks, this design offers several other options for feature segments and segment intros and flat panel video monitors.
Timeline News Right Shot - Customized Virtual Sets
As with all of's designs, logos and graphics can be added to personalize or brand the space for your production. With this design in particular, changing only the graphics will dramatically change the overall look of the design.
Timeline News Desk / Monitor Shot - Virtual Set Design Library
While this design is relatively large, your blue or green screen studio does not need to be nearly that large. This set can be comfortably be utilized in a 20' x 20' (6m x 6m) studio with a small 8' x 8' (3m x 3m) blue or green screen.
Timeline News Left Shot - New Virtual Set Design
Your logos and branding will be integrated into the overall set design.
Timeline News Medium Shot - For Avid, Vizrt, and TriCaster XD300
The stairs and risers on each side of the virtual set can be used for segment intros and special features.
Timeline News Left Closeup Shot - For Orad, Brainstorm, and Final Cut Pro
This set was designed to potentially eliminate typical over-the-shoulder graphics, by placing virtual monitors in the standard over-the-shoulder positions on the curved walls near the desk.
Timeline News Left Two Shot - For Chyron, Brainstorm, and After Effects
The flat panel monitors can have video or graphics in them. The designs can be used with both live virtual set systems (Orad, Brainstorm, TriCaster, XD300), or in post production (Final Cut Pro, Avid, After Effects, or any other editing system).

Timeline News.

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