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Virtual scenery for TV, Film, and HDTV. is a design, consulting, and systems integration company specializing in virtual set solutions for the broadcast industry. Through recent innovation in virtual set technology, we are able to create highly realistic and imaginative scenic environments that can be composited into your broadcast in replacement of, or in combination with, a physical set.

The virtual set designs are created digitally in full 3D, then transferred into a virtual set system in your studio. There are many virtual set systems on the market and can assist you in selecting the right one for a price you can afford.

At, we serve our clients as the only unbiased virtual set consulting company. Since our virtual set designs are compatible all of the live production and post production systems on the market, we are free to guide our clients toward the best system for their needs...not simply the system that we support. We have experience with all of them!


The following are a few reasons why your company should consider our virtual set solutions:

Experience (Physical) designers all have a traditional design background. Long before virtual sets existed, our designers were award-winning art directors and production designers for major network and cable programs, touring theatrical productions, and theme park innovators. Because of our traditional design experience, our sets begin with pencil sketches, camera layouts, materials, and branding in mind. Only after dialog with the directors and producers do we begin the "virtual" portion of the design.

Experience (Virtual) has experience working with every hardware and software system on the market. With literally thousands of hours of live broadcast production (and innumerable post-production hours) of virtual sets behind us, we have the experience necessary to tackle any project. We can act in any or all of the following roles: set designer, consultant, and systems integrator. Whichever our role, you can be certain that we know what will (and what won't) work for your specific production.

The Production Values designs are more visually expansive than traditional sets. Our designs are not limited to the size of your studio (or even the size of your blue or green screen). Because of this freedom, our designs are more visually compelling and imaginative than physical sets.

Price designs can be created for a fraction of the cost of physical set design and construction.

Studio Space

Since's designs require minimal studio space, you can produce more shows using your existing stages. No need to load and strike for each production. Just click to load another file into the virtual set system and your next production is ready to go.

Real-Time Graphics's graphic elements can now be composited into the set behind, to the side, or in front of the talent. No need for awkward digital inserts off to the side or over the top of your talent. We have the capability to insert live data streams and full-motion video into the virtual set. can also create introductory motion graphics that are conceptually integrated into the set design.

Live in Real-Time

Our virtual sets are manipulated live in real-time. No post-production time or expense is necessary. Of course, if your production doesn't require live compositing, we have options to use our virtual set designs with all of the popular editing and post production systems, such as Avid, Final Cut Pro, After Effects, Combustion, Vegas, Premiere, Digital Fusion, Velocity, and many more.

High Definition (and beyond)

All of's virtual set solutions are available in any format necessary. From 4k for film productions, high definition, 24p, NTSC, PAL, DV, even mobile phones...16x9, 4x3, or any other aspect ratio. With a resolution of 1920 x 1080, the clarity and quality of virtual sets in high definition is stunning.'s virtual set solutions will make your production more visually appealing and save you money. Please contact us for more information.


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