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Virtual sets, 3D design, virtual reality, Television, and Film Pre-Visualization.

Night Time Live - Virtual Set Design

Night Time Live -
The Night Time Live set is an example of the extensive video capabilities that are available in a virtual set. Each of the sixteen virtual plasma monitors in the video wall are 5' x 3'9". Shown in 4x3 format, they can be reformatted for a 16x9 aspect ratio.
Night Time Live -
Each of the video monitors can have a separate video or still source. The video can be live, from tape, or any other video signal. The stills can be any common digital file. Using technology from, the set can be manipulated live in real-time.
Night Time Live -
The Night Time Live set is designed as a 4 x 4 plasma video wall. The video wall is 21' wide and 16' high. Overall, including backstage elements, the set is 75' wide, 64' deep, and 25' high. Using the technology from, it can be produced in a 15' x 25' sound stage, with only a 15' ceiling.
Night Time Live -

Night Time Live

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