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Virtual sets, 3D design, HD, video, and live set.

News Feed - Virtual Set Design

News Feed Desk Shot -
The "News Feed" design features fine materials and details for very high production values.
News Feed Wide Left - Customized Virtual Sets
As with all of's designs, the logos and skyline can be changed to personalize and brand the design for your production.
News Feed Wide Right - Virtual Set Design Library
While this design is relatively large, your blue or green screen studio does not need to be nearly that large. This set can be comfortably be utilized in a 20' x 20' (6m x 6m) studio with a small 8' x 8' (3m x 3m) blue or green screen.
News Feed Left Medium Shot - New Virtual Set Design
Two of the feature areas are shown above.
News Feed Desk Medium - Virtual Set Design
The "News Feed" design a skyline along with rich wood panels.
News Feed Narrow Right - Customized Virtual Sets
News Feed Medium Left - Virtual Set Design Library
News Feed Center Wide Shot - New Virtual Set Design

News Feed.

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