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News 8 Live

News 8 Live in HD -
The "News 8 Live" set is a large set with several different areas for news, talk/discussion, weather, and sports.
News 8 Live - Customized Virtual Set Design
As with all of's designs, the logos and graphics can be customized for your production. The stage-right portion of the set (shown above) works well for a talk/discussion formation program. With plenty of space for tables and chairs, and flat panel monitors behind, the space can be formatted for everything from current affairs to sports talk.
News 8 Live in HD Virtual Set Design
Click the image above to see the actual camera view of the blue screen. This shot demonstrates that the talent can be on a small blue screen, but the set can appear much larger.
News 8 Live - Customized Virtual Set Design
All of the flat panel monitors can have video or graphics in them. The back-lit graphics within the set can be modified with your logos and branding.
News 8 Live in HD - Customized Virtual Set Design
This is the central news anchor area. A virtual or physical desk (not pictured) can be placed in front of the custom station graphics and several monitors.
News 8 Live in HD -
The stage-left portion of the set hosts a 22 foot HD video monitor. This can be used for sports highlights, severe weather forecasts, or even product presentations. Click the image below to see how the actual size of the blue screen.
News 8 Live Virtual Set Design

News 8 Live in HD.

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