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Motorcycle Cruisin'

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Unlike typical chroma-key shots where the camera is locked, the's virtual sets system allows the complete pan, tilt, and zoom. The director is no longer limited to a simple, boring shot with no camera movement. With our virtual set system, it is now possible to zoom in on the actors' faces, while keeping complete realism in the background.
Motorcycle Cruisin' -
The system creates live, real-time depth of field and defocus. This dramatically improves the believability of the shots.
Motorcycle Cruisin' - virtual set
As the riders appear to travel behind trees or through wooded areas, the motorcycle riders get darker. As they move to a brighter area away from dense trees, they instantly become brighter, too. This change in appearance adds to the believability of the shots. As the riders appear to travel by a single tree in an otherwise bright area, the riders will appear to be in shadow for an instant.

This effect is done digitally in real-time within the virtual set. There is no need to modify or flicker the lighting on the set. The system does this automatically, given basic high and low lighting level limits. These limits can be set in a matter of seconds, based on the director's vision of the shot.

Motorcycle Cruisin' -

Motorcycle Cruisin'

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