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9 News - Virtual Set Design

9News Virtual Set Design -
This set was originally designed for an Intel / HP product launch production, but has recently been refreshed for this newscast. The background can be replaced with the cityscape required for any locale. We even have generic options, for times when a specific city is not desired.
Click the image above to see the actual camera view of the blue screen. You will be able to see what is virtual and what is real.
Virtual Studio Newscast -
As with all of's designs, the logos can be replaced for your production. It is even possible to composite individuals from different cities into the virtual set. Someone in Toronto can appear to be discussing the latest in world issues with someone in London. Of course, they will both appear to be at the same desk.
9 News -
Executives can save their valuable time by appearing in front of a small green screen setup in their own building. This is much more efficient than having the executive fly to the city with the studio. can make executives in different cities appear to be seated next to each other on the same set.

Originally created as an Intel - HP Product Launch News Set,
then refreshed for 9News.

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