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Virtual sets, 3D design, HD, video, and live set.

Hillbilly Update - Virtual Set Design

Hillbilly Update Design -
The "Hillbilly Update" design is a step away from the traditional news, talk, and entertainment designs.  Far from premium materials of polished glass and hardwoods, all of the materials in this design appear that they were scavenged from a local dump or maybe "borrowed" from a neighbor's trailer.
Hillbilly Update - Customized Virtual Sets
As with all of's designs, logos and graphics can be added to personalize or brand the space for your production.  In this case, the name of the show is hand-painted on to the corrugated metal "marquee" and the salvaged door that makes up the front of the desk.
Hillbilly Update - Customized Virtual Set Design
The window frames and monitor frames were hand-made, not store-bought like most city slickers in the Tee-vee world.
Hillbilly Update - TriCaster LiveSets
Even hillbillies need a place to display their videos and graphics.  Each of the hand-made monitors can have your own clips in them.  The design can be used with both live virtual set systems (Orad, Brainstorm, TriCaster), or in post production (Final Cut Pro, Avid, After Effects, or any other editing system).
Hillbilly Update Design - For Avid, Vizrt, and TriCaster
If you are in the market for a hillbilly virtual set design, we can load up this-here set in our '64 Ford pickup.  We'll then stuff it into the internets and you'll get it on your fancy computer, right quick.

Hillbilly Update.

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