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Virtual sets, 3D design, All-Digital, Television, and Film Pre-Visualization.
National Sports Report -
This is a series of images that demonstrate the ability to integrate motion graphics with the virtual sets.
Click here to view a video clip of the opening motion graphic.
National Sports Report -
The motion graphic logo enters from the left side of the screen.
National Sports Report -
The motion graphic FOX Sports Net logo stops for a brief moment, before the anchors begin to address the camera.
National Sports Report -
The logo quickly moves to screen right and behind the desk and anchors. The logo never leaves the screen.

The logo is not simply faded away. It becomes partially obscured as it moves behind the desk.

National Sports Report -
As the logo continues around the desk and anchors, it nears its final location.

Click or move your mouse over the image below to see the actual camera view of the blue screen.

National Sports Report -

FOX Sports Network - National Sports Report - Opening Motion Graphic

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