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Virtual sets design, Television, talk show, and Film Pre-Visualization.

City Talk - Virtual Set Design

City Talk - Talk Show Set -
The "City Talk" talk show set allows for numerous guests. Portions of the set can also be re-scaled, depending on the number of guests. The video monitor in the set can present either live video, taped footage, or looping video. This helps for situations when one of the guests is not in the studio, but live via-satellite.
City Talk - Blue Screen Set -
The director can instantly cut from camera to camera as her or she normally would with physical scenery. Each of the cameras are viewable in the control room and on set. It's all live, in real-time with the right equipment, or in post with your own non-linear editor, such as Final Cut Pro, Avid, After Effects, Premiere, and many others.
City Talk - Green Screen Set -
As the camera zooms into a closeup shot, the background gradually defocuses. This interactive, real-time defocus of the background greatly enhances the realism of the scene.
City Talk - Virtual Set Designers -
The video monitor can display any video or graphic source.

The cityscape scene in the background can be customized to portray the city, time of day, and even specific weather conditions.

City Talk - Talk Show Set

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