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Many virtual sets now have online video clips available.

News 4 Skyline Virtual Set. Click here for a Renovated Loft virtual set design. Click here to view the Timeline News virtual set design.

News 4

Renovated Loft

Timeline News

Click here to view the 9News / Intel - HP virtual virtual news set. News 8 Live Customized Virtual Set. News Feed Broadcast Virtual Set.

Intel/HP News Set
Refreshed for 9News

News 8 Live

News Feed

Click here to view the City Talk virtual set design. Severe Storm Center Virtual Set. Click here for an example of a realistic courtyard setting using virtual sets.

City Talk

Severe Storm Center

Descanso Gardens

Click here to view entertainment designs with green screen. Click here for a corporate boardroom that is actually a virtual set. Click here for an example of the vast appearance possible in virtual sets.

Entertainment Now!

Virtual Boardroom

Sports Central

Click here for an example of a discussion program. Click here for international virtual news set designs. Click here to view intro segments using virtual sets.

The Last Word with Jim Rome

International News Report

Great American Movies

Click here for dynamic virtual sets in the traditional blue screen setting. Click here to view a virtual set design using numerous virtual video screens and projections. Click here for to view examples of a virtual reality studio.

Motorcycle Cruisin'

Night Time Live

National Sports Report

Click here for info about kids shows using our virtual set design. Hillbilly Update - TriCaster Virtual Set. Click here for a dramatic outdoor scene using virtual sets.


Hillbilly Update

Ocean Balcony

Click any virtual set design above for more details.


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